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Teesdale Mercury Archive

The local newspaper published in Barnard Castle from 1855 - a great resource!


FreeReg have mainly transcribed the Startforth Registers which have people from Boldron included in them.  These Registers can be searched at:-


Cleveland, South Durham and North Yorkshire FHS


Upper Dales Family History Group

British History Online

British History Online has a description of the Parish of Bowes which includes Boldron from the Victoria County History publications.

Boldron is also mentioned in the Startforth section




Pictures of Boldron

Barningham Parish History Group


Teesdale Record Society


Durham County Record Office


North Yorkshire County Record Office


West Yorkshire Archive Service

The ecclesiastical archive for the Archdeaconry of Richmond

North East War Memorials Project

Borthwick Institute For Archives


Tomorrow's History


Bowes Museum

Lidar Map of England and Wales

The web address for Boldron is