Boldron Parish in 1841

Boldron Parish's Tithe Map dates from 1841. 

The Parish History Group examined the Tithe Map Apportionments and compared them with the 1841 Census and the following list of owners, occupiers and inhabitants in the Parish was made. 

Names associated with the Parish over the years include:-


Many of the families' occupations were in agriculture either as farmers or farm labourers or were quarrymen or lime burners in the local limestone quarries.  However others ran the George and Dragon pub, were shopkeepers, members of the North Yorkshire Militia, doctors, annuitants, carpenters, blacksmiths and even cheesemongers who owned shops and property in London.

The Censuses have been transcribed and can be searched by members of the Parish History Group if contacted.

Boldron In 1841



250                        Manor Cottage

House garden and garth

Owned:                 William Harker

Occupied:             William Hobson                       Ag Lab                 35

                              Ann                                                                  21

                              Catherine                                                        8

                              John                                                                3



238                        part Woodbine Cottage and west Fair View


Owned:                 William Unwin

Occupied:             Thomas Bowron         Joiner                               20

                              Mary                                                                25

                              Female                                                            1day



                              Elizabeth Bouldron      Independent                  75



265                        Kilmond House


Owned:                 Rowland Stephen Richardson

Occupied:             Mary Bainbridge          Gardener                        60




268                        Linden Lea

Cottages and garden

Owned:                 Rowland Stephen Richardson

Occupied:             Charles Clarkson        Ag Lab                              35

                              Mary                                                                30

                              John                                                                8

                              Margaret                                                          6

                              Ann                                                                  2



                              Henry Atkinson           Tilemaker                      25

                              Pheby                                                              25




228                       George And Dragon

Cottage and garden

Owned:                       Rowland Stephen Richardson

Occupied:                   John Shaw                  Ag Lab                             35

                                    Elizabeth                                                         35

                                    Cathrine                                                          13

                                    Ann                                                                  7

                                    John                                                                9

                                    Mary                                                                5

                                    Elizabeth                                                         2

238                        Cottage in Hill House Farm’s Field

Cottage and yard

Owned:                 Rowland Stephen Richardson

Occupied:             Jonathan Newton        Farmer                            50

                              Mary                                                                45

                              Ann                              Independent                 75

                              Ann                                                                  9




227                        West End Boldron House

Cottages and garden

Owned:                 Jonathan Newton

Occupied:             John Hurworth                    Slater                     50

                              Mary                                                               50

                              Nickless                                                          15

                              Elizabeth                                                        12

                              Henry                                                              8



                              Richard Jackson                                             20



259                        Boldron Farm

Homestead, yard and garden

Owned:                 Jane M Oliver

Occupied:             William Perkin         Farmer                                55

                              Jane                                                                53





246                        Hill Top Cottage


Owned and occupied

                              John Plews                 Lime Burner                   55

                              Mary                                                                55

                              John                                                                20

                              William                                                            20

                              Thomas                                                           15

                              Mary                                                                15

                              Sarah                                                              13

                              George                                                            9

                              Robert                                                             8

                              Joseph Harrison          Servant                          46




256                        Green Cottage and Fair View (east end)

cottages and yard

Owned:                 Jeremiah Newton

Occupied:             George Benson                       Ag Lab             36

                            George                                                         10




247                        House where Church is now

House and garden

Owned:                 Jeremiah Newton

Occupied:             Jonathan Clarkson                  Ag Lab                36

                              Mary                                                              35

                              Richard                                                           3

                              Frances                                                           1



257                        North end of Woodbine Cottage


Owned:                 James Hird

Occupied:             William Hurworth        Slate Quarryman             65

                              Margaret                                                         40

                              Margaret                                                         11

                              Mary                                                                9

                              Ellinor                                                              7

                              Martin                                                              5

                              Elizabeth                                                         4




226                        East end Boldron House

Part of house and part of garden

Owned:                 Jeremiah Newton

Occupied:             Jonathan Newton                    Farmer            50




225                        Newton Cottage

Part of house, outbuilding and part of garden

Owned and occupied:

                              Jonathan Newton                    Farmer            50




251                        Manor House


Owned:                 Henry Coates

Occupied:             Robert Scott                Lime Burner                30

                              Sarah                                                           20

                              William                                                        1




271                        Village Hall House

Owned:                 John Colling

Occupied:               Moses Arah                             Ag Lab                55

                              Agness                                                            30

                              Jane                                                                9

                              Mary                                                                1

                              John                                                        3mnths




239                        Rose Cottages

Cottages and garden

Owned:                 Frances Dawson

Occupied:             Frances Dawson                     Grocer                65



                              George Dawson                      Joiner               25

                              Elizabeth                                                        25

                              Thomas                                                          8

                              Mary                                                               1

                              Thomas Dawson                     Servant              65

                              George Fawcett                      Servant             15

                              Hannah Tennant                     Servant              20



266                        Kilmond View


Owned:                 James Hird

Occupied:             James Hurworth (not on Census) & another

                              Isabell Hurworth                      Pauper            85




244                        Hill House (1)

Cottage and garden


245                        Hill House (2)

Cottage and garden


Owned:                 William Hutchinson

Occupied:             Thomas Wilkinson                  Farmer                  55

                              Margaret                                                          50

                              Robert                                                             15

                              John Terry                     Independent                75



267                        Coverdale Cottage


Owned:                 John Leafe

Occupied:             Joseph Atkinson                     Ag Lab             25

                              Margaret                                                     20

                              Mary                                                           10mnths





189                        West Hall

House and garden

Owned:                 Thomas Bond

Occupied:             David Alderson                       Farmer                 65

                              Ellinor                                                              55

                              William                                    Mason               35

                              Ester                                                                20

                              Mary                                                                15




162                        Toll Bar

Cottage and gardens

Owned:                 Trustees of Bowes Road

Occupied:             John Thirk                   Gate Keeper                   60

                              Elizath                                                             20

                              David                                                               8



159                        Blades Field

House, buildings and yard

Owned:                 Trustees of Bowes Charity

Occupied:             Jonathan Longstaff                 Farmer                75

                              Mary                                                                65

                              Mary                                                                25

                              Jonathan                                                         21




                              John Longstaff                        Ag Lab               50

                              Ellinor                                                             15

                              William Komer                        Servant               20




                              Ruth Coates                            Ag Lab               35

                              William                                                            9

                              Anthony                                                           7

                              Mary                                                                6




313/314           Smart Gill

Homestead and garden, Buildings and foldyard

Owned:                       Henry Witham

Occupied:                   Thomas Donald                      Farmer                50

                                  Mary                                                                50